Water Activity


Measure stability

One of the earliest methods of food preservation is the control of water in foods. This preservation technique limits the availability of water for microbial growth and biochemical reactions. The degree of availability of water in food is commonly expressed as the water activity (aw). Thermodynamically, water activity (aw) is a measure of the energy status of water in a system.

The degree to which water is structurally bound, and the degree to which it is freely available, or the degree to which it is chemically bound and unavailable can all be established by an ability to specify the water activity of cannabis products.

Higher aw can profoundly impact revenue potential through failed batches and rework.

By measuring and controlling aw it is possible to predict safety and stability of a product. It can be utilized to optimize physical properties, maintain or minimize chemical and biochemical reactivity, and predict microbial growth.

State laws and requirements, sample size submission, TAT, instrumentation and any special consideration.

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